Mad Colors® ACRYL PRO is a fine-tuned acrylic aerosol paint for the most demanding work imaginable. This aerosol paint has many unique features; especially for fine-art selected high quality acrylic pigments, a new specially designed valve for unprecedented spray control, fine-tuned viscosity of the paint and optimized gas. These features are just some of the special and unique characteristics of ACRYL PRO -line of aerosols, which make it a perfect tool for the most detailed work imaginable.


ACRYL PRO is made with the highest quality acrylic pigments with superior lightfastness and gas-fastness qualities. These high quality pigments used, guarantee ACRYL PRO excels in applications that need to stand time. Besides durability, we wanted to give the artists a seamless way to integrate spray paint to more conventional techniques in their creative process.


The high pigmented and fine-tuned acrylic-formula is complimented by optimized pressure and a valve specially chosen for the ACRYL PRO. This balance guarantees constant and steady flow of the paint, from a full can to the last drop at the end. The valve is the key to the smooth and unmatched precision spray that enables the artist paint lines from 0.3 cm to 16 cm with using various Mad Colors actuators.

Development and manufacturing:

ACRYL PRO was created for the mixed-media artist in mind. Choosing the highest quality acrylic pigments play the most essential role in making a paint, which can be used in mixed media work with various other paints and techniques. ACRYL PRO went through years of testing and evaluation, so we could be sure that we are presenting a tool for the creative artists that will not let down in anyway. ACRYL PRO is made in Finland using the highest quality environmental standards and production certificates.

Mad Colors® ACRYL PRO is available in 58 vibrant colors and a clear varnish.