Mad Colors® CLASSIC is a medium pressure aerosol paint developed for professional artists. CLASSIC has many special features; a very fast drying time for easy applying of multiple color layers, full-control valve that enables unprecedented control of the spray pattern and great performance in extreme weather conditions. These features are just some of the special and unique characteristics of CLASSIC line of aerosols, which make it a perfect tool for graffiti and street artists.


CLASSIC is made with the highest quality pigments, these same pigments are used in premium car-paints in the market today. We chose these pigments for CLASSIC, because they have outstanding resistance for UV-rays and other weather elements, assuring permanent and durable color vibrancy.


The high pigmented formula is fine-tuned to work perfectly with the CLASSIC smooth-pressure system and the special valve used. This balance guarantees constant and steady flow of the paint, from a full can to the last drop at the end. The unique valve used is the key to the smooth experience when using CLASSIC, giving the artist full control of the spray flow and painting lines from 0.6 cm to 20 cm are possible with using various Mad Colors caps.

Development and manufacturing:

CLASSIC is developed in Finland where harsh weather elements play a big role and the manufacturing has very high standards. Finland’s weather conditions are widely known as one of the most extreme weather conditions spray paint is used on. Besides making the ultimate tool for difficult weather conditions, we wanted to make sure that we give the artist best results in all weather conditions and we can proudly say we succeeded. Not only  in extreme conditions like cold and windy, but also in warm and hot, giving CLASSIC a very broad range of operating temperatures. Classic is manufactured using the highest quality environmental standards and manufacturing certificates.

Mad Colors® CLASSIC is available in 140 colors.